Sunday, June 16, 2013

Corners of our Home.

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I will be taking the time to document and share little corners of my home with you all. It's a fun journey to set up home (not that I think we will ever 'finish' it as our taste and style is always developing and changing, there will always be something else we will want to do or add to our home) and I'm happy to be sharing corners in our kitchen today.

There's something I absolutely love about being in the kitchen. I don't call myself a chef or the worlds greatest baker, but I do love trying new meals, exploring different tastes and textures and learning new tricks when it comes to preparing food and baking. I love spending time baking, even if it's only something simple like cookies (this weekend I tried my first batch of sugarfree, glutenfree cookies!). There are a lot of things i love about my kitchen (include loads of cupboard space, yay!), but one thing I absolutely love is my recipe books. I've only got a small collection of recipe books to start off with, but it's great when you have your go-to books to rely on for a new and interesting meal! I must say though, Jamie Oliver and Donna Hay is a must buy for my next recipe book!

I'm also a big lover of spices (it's possibly the South African in me!) so for me, I always make sure to have enough supply in my spice pots. I obviously ran out of my gorgeous labelled canisters quite fast that I ended up hunting down little glass pots with mini-spoons to use other spices. Very handy!

One thing I do recommend spending cash on, is a nice kettle and toaster. It's amazing what a difference to your kitchen a nice set will make! I don't know why some people don't want to invest a little bit more on a nice set, when really these appliances are still probably the cheapest ones you will have in your kitchen! But keeping in mind, you use them everyday, so it's worth the investment :) When Neil and I came across this gorgeous yellow Morphy Richards set, we couldn't walk away from it! Plus it didn't help that I have an unhealthy obsessions with yellow too ;)

So welcome to my kitchen! This is where you will always find a nice cup of tea or coffee (Neil loves his coffee and I love my tea), a fresh batch of baking and little memories we love to put up on our fridge (especially if they are letters from our nieces and nephews!). If you've shared your home interiors before, I would love to take a peek, so feel free to drop your link in the comments!


  1. Oooh I love it! I have been eyeing off a Morphy Richards set for a while now. One day it will be mine.

  2. Lovely, beautiful corners :)

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