Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Adventure Time.

Well my friends, tonight has been a very exciting evening. After years of wishing and dreaming, the husband and I have finally bought our flights to New York City! For as long as we've been married we have been hoping of one day visiting New York and it is finally happening. What makes it even more special and incredible is that we will be visiting over Christmas! *gasp* PLUS we will be stopping over in San Fransisco for a week!!! I am actually so jealous of myself (is that even a thing??) I can't quite believe it's all happening ;) Both cities are in my top cities to visit in the world, so it's pretty surreal to be able to visit them BOTH in one trip!

We've already been looking into some places for accommodation and different attractions and sights that will be on our list of to-do's, but it can be a bit overwhelming as there's just too many places to look through! This is where I need your help friends...WHERE SHOULD WE GO? What should we do? Any recommendations on places or areas to stay? Have any of you visited either of these beautiful cities? It's all good reading reviews on the net, but I don't know, I seem to appreciate advise more when it's from someone I'm familiar with!

The months of planning will be quite exciting and I know it's still eight months till our trip, but I am already counting down the months ;) Also, a shout out to Hannah from Nellie and Oliver who has so kindly already passed on her awesome knowledge of New York so far!


  1. YAY so excited for you! San Francisco is also an amazing city. I'll have to share some more tips with you when I get back from my trip in May xoxo

  2. I live right outside of New York City and it is such a treat to go visit here!! You have to go to EATALY! Google it and you won't be disappointed. It's all in one building and there are gelato stands, an espresso stand, a panini station, and all the ingredients you could ever think of for purchasing! It's a great experience and I definitely recommend going there! The prices are amazingly reasonable too! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  3. I am so jealous! New York is my dream!


  4. aaaahhhh excite! congrats! I feel like booking tickets is one of the hardest things to do, so it's great you guys have made the commitment. New York at Christmas! It'll be like every good Christmas movie ever. And San Fran! Ahhh I dream of going there. Whoop whoop! I just read... something, hang-on... Anabela from field guided has just started some New York write-ups, so check out the blog for inspiration:

    :) :)

  5. How exciting! I haven't visited either so can't offer up much help with recs. Just here to say how jealous I am haha.

  6. Please take meeeeee !!! You sound like me in another 2 cough cough 5 years, I want to visit because of three very special children who lived and loved in that city, The little Krim Kids ♥ Please think of them when you go through that magical looking central park !!! xx

  7. Congratulations! Making your list worked :)
    We went to NY last year and had the most amazing time. My highlights were:
    The High Line, Catching an improv comedy show at the Upright Citizens Brigade, The Moma, The Brooklyn Flea Market, but basically anything you do you will be like "OMG BEST THING EVER" because seriously its New York and its amazing. I've just looked through my pictures again from that time and it really does feel like a bit of a dream.
    We hired an apartment through Airbnb in Brooklyn, but we were a bit out of the city. Depending on how long you have there and how much $$ i'd recommend staying in Williamsburg or the Lower East Side.
    So jealous :)


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