Saturday, March 30, 2013

30 Before 30.

Today is my 25th birthday (woohooo!!) and if you can't tell, I'm rather excited about it all! Turning 25 has made me realize now how close to 30 that is! And with that comes flooding in thoughts of all the things I still want to do before I am 30, so I thought of making a list and consciously try to achieve these and with that starting my 30 Before 30 list (saw this idea a while ago, check out Tabitha Emma's fantastic list here!).

30 Before 30
♥ Visit New York
♥ Have a white Christmas
♥ Run a race
♥ Attend a market as a seller
♥ Plan an overseas holiday with friends
♥ Organise a dinner party (a REAL dinner party...think 1920's dinner party)
♥ Renew our vows
♥ Buy a bike
♥ Get a bunny again
♥ Get a tattoo
♥ Have a couple's photoshoot
♥ Start a business with Neil
♥ Sell a painting
♥ Go to a cooking class
♥ Stay up all night
♥ Knit a blanket
♥ Make a quilt
♥ Go to a ballet
♥ Visit Queenstown in the winter for the snowboard season
♥ Shout someone's flights to come visit us
♥ Climb a mountain
♥ Go to the airport for a spontaneous trip and buy tickets on the first flight out
♥ Go blonde
♥ Try spearfishing
♥ Conquer my fear of heights (whether it be skydiving, bungyjumping, jumping in a hot air balloon, or going on a zip-line
♥ Get a pedicure
♥ Plan a holiday with my girls, no boys allowed!
♥ Be a part in a play (or even better, a musical!!)
♥ Sew a dress
♥ Have a baby

I know some of these will be easy to physically do, but they are just some things that I've been 'planning' for too long and never done (can I get a holla from anyone else??) so want to make more of a priority to do them.

If you have a list similar to mine and would like to share, pop them / a link to the post in the comments, would love to see them! I'm sure I'm not the only one who makes lists. Well I am off now to go enjoy the birthday celebrations! Hope you all have a wonderful and safe Easter :)


  1. Have a baby! You will be busy ...

    1. Haha too true! Will be busy for at least 18 years ;) ...

  2. Happy birthday!!:) well, what i'm gonna do before 30 is simillar like you.. I will have a whit Christmas! My lifetime dream ever! :) Hope your wishes come true soon! :)
    Irene Wibowo

    1. So glad we have similar lists! Bring on the white Christmas :)

  3. Happy birthday!!! Although you still have half an hour to go in my part of the world=) Your list sounds great and yes, there are definitely so many things that are easy to do that I've been planning forever but just haven't quite done them... But then, I'm in denial and don't want to admit that "30" exists=P
    Also, please add "31. Don't stop blogging" to that list? =)


  4. yay 25! happy birthday! the time is now! my new motto is 'positive action' because I think and dream and never do. love that visit New York is at the top of your list. I want to make one now haha. all the best :) xx

    1. Oooh when you do make a list, send me a link! Would love to see what's on yours :)

  5. Happy birthday! Great list : ). I turned 25 recently and though I don't have a before 30 list, I do have a overall bucket list. But I like the idea of setting a five-year timeline to accomplish these things.



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