Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Reading List.

Recently I got sent a brand new funky Kindle case from The Snugg, a company which specialises in quality cases and covers for all your devices. Ever since I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas a few years back, I've been scanning the market for some fantastic cases which would better help protect my new toy, but unfortunately one, it was hard to come across, and two, nothing really took my fancy. This is why I am super excited to have my Kindle all wrapped up nicely in this new Blue Denim cover from The Snugg! Definitely a great site to bookmark and check out :)

This has also made me realise it's been a while since I've invested time in discovering new books to add to my reading list this year. I have to say, as I get older, I swear I become a better and more frequent reader and I actually get quite excited when wandering through book stores. My most recent reads have been The Shack (couldn't help myself, third time I've read this now!!), Jane Eyre and Lolita. Next lined up to read on my Kindle account is Les Misérables and Little Women, but I do have the urge to start adding a few more educational non-fiction books to my list as well. I just don't know where to start! Any recommendations? If so, please do share, I would be very curious to hear!


  1. So cute! I'm all about fiction books, but when I do read a non-fiction is it usually a biography...there are some great ones out there, just find one on a person that interests you and you're sure to love it.



  2. Beautiful Ilana, love your room too xx


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