Thursday, February 28, 2013

White Night Melbourne.

This past weekend Melbourne hosted the first White Night event in Australia. White Night is all about creating art, music and installations for the larger public to enjoy and using streets, laneways and other public spaces to display it. From dusk till dawn, White Night catered for every group of audience with events ranging from symphonies and operas, to zombies and dancing in Federation Square.

We started the night off with friends of ours and headed to the symphony at the Sidney Myer Bowl, outdoor amphitheater. We were lucky to actually get in and see some of the show as the place was packed and reached full capacity early on. Needless to say, it was spectacular!

As we moved onto the next 'event', we came across many different performances along the road. The atmosphere was alive and vibrant with tens of thousands of people wandering the streets and enjoying this incredible arts night. The most spectacular thing about the evening, I would have to say was the buildings lined up on Flinders Street that had the most incredible patterns projected onto the buildings, aligning perfectly to the structure and form of each building. It was truly spectacular to see this come to life, as so many things would have to be considered in creating these pieces: distance the light would have to travel to reach the buildings, perspective and the angles from where the light is projected from.

It was all in all an extremely successful event that I am looking forward to attending again next year! If only it could come soon ;)


  1. Ah, man this sounds soooo cool! I would love if something like this could come to South Africa.

  2. Can't believe I missed out on such a cool event! Was out of Melb for this, otherwise I definitely would have made the most of it. Great photos!

  3. Man you two are such a gorgeous couple, missing yas xox

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