Sunday, December 16, 2012

Bird Print.

Bird Print Shirt & Shorts l Topman
Sunglasses l Le Specs

Now that our days are warmer and our evenings longer, Neil and I have been wandering our neighbourhood a whole lot more. Exploring the streets and cul de sacs, as well as wandering down to the river, which we found out is actually really close to our house, has become a regular outing.

I know I don't usually feature my husband on the blog, but today he looked so dashing, I just couldn't resist. With this amazing Bird Print shirt we scored from Topman a couple of weeks ago, I've been on the lookout for some more awesome casual shirts for him. If any of you ladies like to dress your men too, have a look at Flannels Designer Menswear. I've been stalking this site a bit these last couple of weeks, as there are some fantastic designer items which I know will be perfect for Neil (there are a great collection of shirts which I am particularly interested in!). Possibly still not to late if you still need some gift ideas for your man ;)


  1. Nawww Neil is the cutest! Love that shirt on him :)

    We get to see you guys SO SOON!!! Cannot WAIT!

    1. CANNOT. WAIT.
      Like, actually...CANNOT WAIT!! xx

  2. I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely LOVE your blog! Your posts are always so interesting and well-written and pretty. :) I hope you're enjoying the start of your first Australian summer! I live in Adelaide, so if you ever make it over and need a tour guide, I'll gladly volunteer!
    Loving the look of that Designer Clothes Retailer by the way - thanks for the link!

    1. You are the SWEETEST! Thanks so much for the lovely feedback! And most certainly, if we ever make a trip over to Adelaide, which I'm sure we will, I will let you know dear!


  3. the colour combo is perfect :))))


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