Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Finders Keepers.

The first time I heard about The Finders Keepers markets, I got so extremely jealous of everyone that could attend them. A market filled full of beautiful handmade jewellery and clothes, inspiring art and an awesome variety of stationary. Now, two years on, I've attended my first market and loved it! Neil and I managed to head over there after work on Friday night and the place was buzzing! With live music filling the air and the smell of fast food, it created a wonderful atmosphere.

There are just too many places to list that I loved, but my highlights would have to be A Skulk of Foxes with their amazing iPhone/iPad cases, Lauren Carney's incredible art, Inky Co with their lovely stationary and Frankie with...well with all their Frankie goodness! All too lovely :)


  1. I so desperately want to get myself to a Finders Keepers market but sadly I'm on the wrong continent. Maybe one day though.

  2. I love the finders keepers. I also really like the fact you can go on a Friday night.

  3. I love the Finders Keepers markets so much! There's always something new and quirky to discover (I think I've been to three at last count). Can't wait for the next one in Brisbane!


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