Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Market Day.

One thing I've loved ever since I got married nearly five years ago, is going grocery shopping! Sure, I know it's not really that glamorous or THAT exciting to most, but there's just something about it that makes me excited (okay, I do confess, I get excited quite easily, and for a number of different things!).

Ever since moving to Melbourne, we have been loving all the markets that are around the city. Neil and I have our weekly Saturday dates to the markets where we get to pick out fresh fruit and veges, fish and meats and treat ourselves to beautifully baked bread. When you get to see so many different types of foods on display, you get quite creative with your cooking! And last week we found a new stall that has such a big range of teas and spices...ah-mazing! And Neil is loving the coffee shop (top photo), filled with beautiful and fragrant coffee beans - you actually cannot resist that awesome smell, it lures you in!

If you're able to make it to local markets, I would definitely recommend going! I should say that's just from my experience here in Melbourne, but it's always worth checking and trying out :)


  1. I love going grocery shopping, there's something so fun about it especially if your with company. :)

  2. I love getting fresh produce from markets. It always seems to taste better.

  3. I freaking love the Melbourne Markets food area. SO GOOD. That's where I had an amazing blueberry cheesecake macaron! DROOL.

  4. I'd get excited about going to do shopping at the markets too! then again I love food shopping because you can plan your meals and stuff. yay markets!


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