Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sneak Peek.

Recently I've had some requests to show some photos of our home, so without further ado, here is a little peek into what we call home. These are a few of my favourite corners that I love around our place and the features that made us decide we want to live here:

♥ Our Bedroom: I love my yellow lamp! In fact, I love anything that's yellow
♥ Desk: My husband built this lovely desk for my office. So proud!
♥ Kitchen: It's big with lots of cupboards, marble benchtops and a beautiful white tiled backsplash
♥ Spiral staircase: Which leads up to our loft office. Amazing!

It won't be long now till we fill our home with a few more pieces. We've found some incredible furniture pieces which are high on our wishlist for the home, the trouble will be deciding what to get first!


  1. LOVE the simple and chic colour scheme!

  2. Your husband did an amazing job on that desk! And that spiral staircase is perfect.

  3. Such a beautiful home! Love it when it's such a blank canvas! So fun. And well done to your hubs on that table! I am loving it in just the natural raw wood too! Hope you are well!

  4. Beautiful Alana! Esther loved catching up with you guys in the weekend. She mentioned you live close to us near the Maribynong? We're in Aberfeldie in Essendon. Hope you have a lovely week! x

  5. Hi Ilana!

    Do you think your husband could make me a similar desk? I'm dying for one like that!

    We definitely need to have coffee when I come back to Melb in a couple of weeks!

    Kate xx


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