Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Perfect Day In Spring.

Spring time.

Isn't it just everyone's favourite season? There's nothing like it! New life, a warmth returning in air, colour springing up around every corner. It's like there's a new bounce in my step now that it's officially Spring and I can start putting away the winter layers for next year.

Anyone have those days where you don't really do anything in particular or festive, but it just ends up being described as nothing but perfect? Well that was our first day of Spring yesterday. Started off our day lying in bed looking out on a clear sky and Skyping some of our dear friends back home. Then we headed out to Richmond for a day of aimless wandering, exploring and seeing what little corners of delights we could find. Can I just say, if you are after some pretty spectacular designer furniture shops, make your way to Richmond! There's some rad places we will definitely be returning to once we save up some funds for feature pieces. After a couple of hours hanging around Richmond and South Yarra, we made our way home for an afternoon chilling on our balcony in the sun, enjoying nothing but the warmth and each others' company. Bliss! And of coarse a perfect day is always followed by a delightful, intimate BBQ. And by intimate, I mean just the husband and I :)

But what topped off the day was that we ended up having a three-way Skype with two couples who we hold very dear. It was just a crazy realization how small the world is, having all of us, in three different parts of the world, being able to come together and have a crazy catch up as if we were in each others' lounges. Technology is a beautiful thing! Friendship and lasting relationship is even more beautiful. Despite the shit that life throws sometimes, the unexpected twists and turns, the unknown ventures, there's nothing like having those people to fall back on and know they will cherish you. Every moment spent with them is creating lasting memories.

And that's when you know, they are family and doing life without them would be impossible ♥


  1. Love this post!

    Missing you and Neil very much, still getting used to not seeing you every couple of days.

    Love you both xx

  2. beautiful :)

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth


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