Monday, August 13, 2012

He Said.

This weekend has been filled with socializing, relaxing, ultimate frisbee and shopping (our empty home is still in need of a bit of love, so every week we try and buy something for the home, using Look Again home shopping catalogues). Neil and I love having people over at ours, so from Thursday through to Saturday we were happily playing hosts to our guests, filling their bellies with braai's (South African BBQ), catching up on some Olympics and generally just having a good time!

Yesterday as we were making our way to the markets, we couldn't go past this incredible graffiti wall without taking some snaps. That's one thing about living in Melbourne that will never get old for me, is seeing art in all forms around the city - whether that's with graffiti, sculptures, buildings (truelly, there are some masterpieces around the place!) or posters. Incredible!

I love this place :)


  1. Hello, you have a lovely blog and I really enjoy reading your posts. Just wondering what suburb you chose to move to hear in Melbourne?


  2. Melbourne seems like an exciting city. I hope to make it down there some day :)


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