Saturday, June 9, 2012

Wild One.

I just stumbled across a series of photos taken on our last week in New Zealand and couldn't help but share a few of my favourites of my 'wild one' (yes, totally referring to the beard!). As I have been without the husband for the past two weeks, I am getting rather desperate to have him back now. So many places I found this last week which I cannot wait to show him! Plus it will be our mission the next couple of weeks to start scouting out potential future homes for us, so yes pretty ecstatic to have him home! And not to mention the fact that I have been missing him like a completely crazy woman!!! But I won't get too soppy and sentimental on here...I will spare you all! ;) Instead I will just stare at these pictures for some eye-candy and daydream of my man until I get the real thing back!

Happy weekend! x


  1. Such a cute post! I hope you get your hubby back soon (:

  2. that is a mighty fine beard there. :-)


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