Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The March Challenge.

I am super excited to join in with Laura from over at See Hear Say to do the March Challenge: Do something different every day! How exciting this is going to be, to challenge yourself every day, whether it be by try something new, watching something different, making something unique and find out things about yourself you never knew before!

Head over to this post to get a few more details about the challenge and join on in! You are welcome to leave a link to your blog on my comments if you will be joining in on the fun, as I would love to get some ideas as to what I can do different every day :)


  1. great one!!!

  2. That is one of my resolutions this year, and by being open to new things this year has been amazing so far. Life is too short to just stagnate. Try everything once! Great idea, good luck with it, you'll like it! X

  3. I am sort of aiming to do the opposite of this and get into routines throughout March - I guess you could call mine "do the same everyday!"

  4. What a great idea! Don't forget my favorite, smile at a stranger.


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