Thursday, August 18, 2011

Today is a good day to start.

Today I felt rather productive. Some of you might know a month or so ago I bought a cheap second hand screen printing frame so I could start to do some projects myself. Well...the frame has just been sitting under my bed gathering dust until I decided it's about time I actually learn the art of screen printing. Now obviously there is a proper way to screen print (burning the image onto the frame)...however I am being cheeky and trying a cheaper way of doing it by cutting out a stencil. So today, as a trial run, I cut out a very simple image on a transparent paper and will be using that on the frame. This weekend I will dedicate the time to actually trial it for real (just need to go buy me a squeegee and some inks). So fingers crossed friends, I am hoping this works! Will share the results with you later.

Also sporting some of my favourite items in store at the moment - cannot get enough of the Najo brand! Wowza, I would like to please take home the whole cabinet's worth of stuff!

If any of you lovely folk have any advise for a young aspiring screenprinter, please do share! I want to see how it goes with this stencil, but if it fails I will need to invest in a proper UV light and some emulsion to do it properly. Eeek! Fingers crossed!


  1. I love the cover of your diary! I wish I could design, but quite frankly, I wouldn't know what to do with screen printing frame thingy! Keep on designing!

  2. Love it! Beautiful rings!

  3. You diary is so cute! I'm also loving your red lips ;)

  4. hehe yay I am glad everyone likes the "cover" - but that's actually just what I quickly drew on the transparent paper and put on my white notepad to see better :)

    might have to turn it into a diary at some point now too! thanks for the lovely feedback x

  5. I used to work at Gordon Harris and would often use OHP film to make stencils and do prints there without that emulsion stuff. It worked really well! I've also got a screen that's never been used. It's sitting right at the back of my closet for when I bother to get some ink and a squeegee haha.

    Where is this store that you work in? It looks awesome!

  6. Those rings are so gorgeous and I love that leaf necklace!

  7. ohh, i hope it works out for you! my husband works at a local screenprinting maybe i can ask if he has any little tricks up his sleeve ;)

  8. I want your rings so hard!! Love!


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