Friday, August 19, 2011

Dear Summer.


Dear Summer, it's your old friend Ilana.

I am just writing to tell you that I miss you dearly and would like you to come visit soon. I know it's only a few more months till I see you again, but you see, all this sunshine is just teasing me at the moment and makes me reeeeally look forward to seeing you and share in happy times with friends!

Please don't be long!

Oh and when you come, could you please bring along some ice-cream too?
I would love that!

See you soon,

Yours truelly,



  1. The weather in Belgium has been terrible too :(

  2. ohh I completely understand you! Here in Spain is totally summer, most of people is on holiday and all day of relax. Sure that very soon you'll be in some wonderful beach just reading and swimming!

  3. cute post! it's super hot here in the states...i'm actually ready for fall myself!! but i'm trying to enjoy the last few weeks of summer as well ;)

  4. Super cute post, I love the photos =)

  5. im writing letters like that to autumn right now. :)

  6. it's so weird reading this because here it is the end of summer and i am eagerly awaiting fall. it's funny how at the end of even the best of seasons, you are ready to move forward the the next.

  7. what a sweet post :) I cannot wait for summer either. just the smell of it is enough to make me smile. I put coconut oil on in winter just so I can be closer to it. x


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