Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Don't you reckon Mums & Dads are just the best?? This weekend felt like it was my birthday, as my parents decided it was time to spoil us with the softest, warmest bed sheets and wooly electric blanket! There's nothing quite like climbing into a warm, comfy, soft bed and not having to shiver for ten minutes until you actually manage to warm up. And not just that, this whole outfit was sponsored by my lovely parents! Sweet isn't it? I've been in need of a nice woolly and this one will do just fine.

And of coarse I couldn't sport this outfit and not wear my every day button necklace, as well as my first day out wearing this gorgeous OPI colour (which is thanks to Sone! Don't you love friends you can count on to borrow/clothes/nailpolishes?).


  1. I love that yellow nail polish! I bought one the other day, but it ended up looking more gold..not what I was going for. The single button necklace is cute as well.

  2. your nail polish is so great! do you know the name of the color?

  3. Great outfit! And your right there really isn't anything better than a warm comfy bed! :)


  4. Lovely photos, love the outfit and the nail colour x

  5. Adorable button necklace, I think I may need one.


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