Thursday, June 16, 2011

Scandinavian dream.

Dreaming, dreaming, dreaming....dreaming! How exciting it is to dream ay? And oh how I LOVE to dream about THE house. The house where we will have our first mini-me. The house that will smell like homemade bread and cupcakes daily. The house that is filled with creativity and music constantly being played (uhm by that time Neil WILL have an electric kit, so he's not bashing around the drums all day). The house that will entertain. The house that will inspire. Yes, this is the house of my dreams.

Now these houses, photographed by Per Gunnarsson, are just some tasters of the Scandinavian inspired house that I would like to own one day.

♥ Big shelves, wall space, natural light flowing in, and a kitchen filled with lots of cubboards and bench space that I would like to spend all day, every day in there!


  1. Obsessed with this post!

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  2. I love dreaming ♥

    Last night was fun :)

    Can't wait to own a big yummy house too and be able to make it our own!

  3. WOW. This house is amazing! Whoever did the decorating to this house has some serious skills...


  4. arghhh the LIGHT in that place is gorgeous! and all the white. perfect.

  5. Love all this light!

  6. that kitchen is marvelous!! you could get lost in there...


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