Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Our Little Store of Treasures.

Najo Feather Necklace & Feather Earrings. Najo Peacock Ring. 
Najo Cross Leather Bracelet.

Najo Bow Bracelet & Bow Ring. Najo Owl Earrings.

Najo Bow Necklace. Najo Key & Lock Bracelet. 
Najo Wide Oxidised Filigree Ring.

Najo Owl Earrings.

Yay so exciting! We got brand new stock into our little store of treasures last week, and so I thought it's the perfect time to share some of our favourite pieces from the Najo brand. Seriously, my favourite part of new stock, is getting to try them all on...and secretly want to stuff them all in my pockets so I can wear them home. Oh such joy!

Also, so exciting to share with you all (yes everyone internationally too!) you can now purchase some of our favourite and top selling items from our facebook store. We so appreciate all of your support in helping our little shop grow, so feel free to spread word around or join us on facebook :) And of coarse, if you are in town (that is, Hamilton) come visit us! We love a good old chat.

Well...either in store or on facebook, come say hello :)


  1. oooo love the new najo :) very nice - you guys are so beautiful x

  2. So very exciting, those owl earrings are adorable!

  3. I love Najo, by far my favourite line of jewelery. Loving that feather necklace and the bows.
    I would love to visit you shop one day :)

    Murphy xo

  4. Yay for the shop!

    P.S ew I'm a little chubster in that last photo haha sick!

  5. You're so gorgeous with your accessories. I also love the design of those Owl Earrings. This can be a perfect gift idea for my wife.

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  6. Good choice of accessories! My favorite is the necklace with a feather pendant. Its the perfect match for your dress.

    pawn shop

  7. I think gold buyers would love to have a gold version of that jewelry that you’re wearing. I want a gold version of that earring with feather design.


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