Friday, June 24, 2011

Hi, You Look Beautiful Today!

Amanda: Top c/o Modcloth. Hat c/o Market HQ. Supre Skirt.
Me: Vintage Maroon Dress Shirt. Glassons Skinny Belt. Luichiny Shoes. A&C Cubism Necklace.

So today was a bit of a sad day for myself. This will be the last outfit post Amanda and I will be doing in store, as Amanda is moving onto another job on Monday. I will be missing her dearly, and not sure who I will be able to call on when some freaky person comes in store, or who I can share my excitement with when new stock arrives - the joys of retail, don't judge! At least it's not like she is moving to another city or country, I just won't be seeing her as often now as what I am used to. But still, having one of your best friends work with you is such a special treat. So sorry if this is a bit of a sloppy goey post today, but Amanda, I love you! I will miss working with you, but like I've said to you before, I know our paths will cross again with working together...someway, somehow :) I am a little bit excited about the fact that I am dragging the husband in store next week to do a couple of shifts. I know he will be able to talk the ladies into buying some goodies...totally I think his presence will be enough to make the girls come in. I am sorry, but I have to say, he's quite the stud!

Ok, ok, ok, I will stop with the smooch talk! I was so super stoked to find this little maroon number tucked away in an opshop yesterday. It was waiting there specially for me, as I have been hunting a dress of this colour for the last couple of months, and it is so much better when you find it for $10! Score!

Oh and might I add my excitement for this giveaway sponsored by Kings of Carnaby?! Wow! I've definitely got my fingers crossed for this one, as I am eyeing out the Knightsbridge dress which I am completely and utterly in love with. Will be such a good addition to add to the winter wardrobe.

Happy weekend everyone x


  1. sadness :(
    I always love your posts with Amanda. You two always look amazing and it makes me jealous :)

    That shirt looks way cute as well, bargain!

  2. love this post, you both look fab (and im super jealous of that dress find! gorgeous colour!)

  3. This post is fantastic! Gorgeous clothes and people (:

  4. saw these photos at amanda's blog too, you both are just like twins! adorable!! you're lucky at least the both of you are in the same city, one of my partner in crime is overseas :( but i'm going to have my holiday soon where i'll be visiting her, i'm excited!

  5. love your pretty dress. you girls look gorgeousss! xo

    p.s. I'm having a $50 giveaway if you'd like to check it out. :)

  6. this is the cutest post! Sad to hear your friend is going on to another job but living in the same city, I'm sure you'll find shenanigans to get up to!
    The dress you found is adorable - very Stolen Girlfriends Club! :)


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