Monday, May 16, 2011

Triplex Apartment.

Wow, how incredible is this Triplex apartment situated in NYC? Whenever anyone mentions living in an apartment in New York, this is what I think of this - perhaps just a little less luxurious...I don't know many, if any that could afford one like this! The industrial interiors, glorious natural light coming from windows all around the building, brick walls, old wooden floors, high ceilings...and then just add the wall size paintings, large bookshelves, and beautiful lights and there you have it, my dream home!

Found via Freshome.


  1. this place is incredible!

  2. Wow! Interiors like this are usually the opposite to what I like, but there's something about this apartment... really incredible!

    Claire Marie x

  3. Wow, look at that staircase!

  4. It is so beautiful! I would absolutely adore my own library <3


  5. This to me is ultimate luxury done tastefully.

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