Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Living Space: Frank Höhne.

I've been such a fan of Freunde von Freunde ever since I did this post a while back. Such a great place to get interior inspiration from a bunch of different creative and successful people that let us have a closer look at their home and studio spaces.

A particular living space I enjoyed, was that of illustrator Frank Höhne. He created the perfect balance between classic and contemporary, and I especially love the beautiful skirtings, big windows, coloured furniture, awesome lighting and a great selection of art prints and photographs on the walls.


  1. YES! dying over happiness from these images. i love all the artwork.

  2. This space is perfect but perfect in the way that it's not perfect.

  3. oh goshh, would i love to live in such a place someday! the artwork is unbelievable.


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