Sunday, March 20, 2011

The weekend that was.

What a weekend! As you know, a crowd of us made our way up to Auckland on Friday for the opening of the Diana World Tour, and what an awesome evening that was. These are just a few snippets of our evening of plastic fantastic. A big thank you to Emma from But Honestly, Liss from Daydream Lily, Sone from Polli, Dane from Tornadoes & Tigers, Melissa from From Me To You, Shannon and Neil for making it such an enjoyable night. Big ups to the husband who had to endure 3 hours worth of driving, listening to four girls' chatter and ranting - you are a true sport :)


  1. Love the photos!! thanks for my Olivia photo. aw you girls look so pretty.

  2. Liss, why on earth didn't we get a photo together?? Hmm I suppose we better just plan another get together!! :)

  3. i have to say, the venue in NZ looks so much more fun fun than the one over here in sydney! wish i was there!


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