Thursday, March 17, 2011

Love for Lomography.

Holga 120

Diana Mini


As you all know, tomorrow some friends and I are heading up to Auckland for the Lomography: Diana World Tour. I am buzzing with excitement, so I thought I would share some photos of some of my favourite lomography cameras. All of these are taken by the very talented Karen Francisco. Let me just say, it is worth a look through her flickr account, as she has well over 300 pictures of lomography inspiration! Who has some of the cameras listed above?

So planning for a weekend filled with a whole lot of cameras! Hmmm suppose I better share some pictures then next week :)


  1. lovely photos, i love lomography so much. after playing with all my friends lomo camera's i'm hoping to get my own for my birthday! x

  2. I have a Diana Mini and adore it. You never know whatcha gonna get.

  3. My word she is talented! Have fun in Auckland (:

  4. beautiful, i love lomo effect!!

  5. hi!i love the photos!and these inspired me to try lomography! i think its great! by the way, could you suggest what's the best lomo cam?thanks and have fun! :)


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