Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sweet summer love.


Been enjoying some sweet sunshine these last few days and I must say, I am enjoying the prospect of many more days at the beach, floral summer dresses, out on picnics, lying in the sun reading a book, taking snapshots and enjoying some yummy ice teas and ice creams.

So much to look forward to and these images kind of summed it up for me :)


  1. these are lovely images

    so strange to think that here i am preparing for a cold, long winter and you are getting ready for days ion the beach!

  2. All I've been daydreaming of lately is the summer time. Three more exams& then I'm free to spend all my time on the beach!

  3. Ah, I'd kill for some summer sun right now. Sweden's freeeeezing!

  4. Oh wow, these are just beautiful. They seem timeless.

  5. They summed it up for me too, hopefully this Summer is exactly how you described it because it sounds wonderful :).


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