Thursday, October 7, 2010

Oh happy days!


There's nothing quite like enjoying the sunshine summer brings :) And to think it's weekend again(what the?)!! Hoping to pop away this weekend for some adventures...although the hubby is getting his tattoo Saturday (eeep, I am scared!) so fingers crossed for half a Saturday away!

If it's not Spring where you are and you cannot enjoy the sunshine like we can...may these sunny pictures bring you some happiness!


  1. i absolutely love all of these photos! the paper airplane especially.
    it isn't summer here, but we are getting beautiful sunny fall weather and crisp mornings with hot sun afternoons, so i can't complain!

  2. these photos are absolutely magical. It is just starting to turn autumn here (my favorite!) but these photos make me feel all warm an cozy.

  3. these are so beautiful!!! i love love the third one! i miss summer already!!



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