Sunday, October 10, 2010

Feeling crafty.

Wow, so if you ever feel in a crafty mood, make sure you check out Ingrid Jansen from Wood & Wool Stool for some fresh ideas and inspiration. I adore the bright colours used throughout her crafts and I would have to say I would LOVE to own a set of mismatched stools!

Check out her amazing flickr and etsy store for more awesome goodies.

Okay, so are we ready for this week? Let's hope so :)


  1. Love these crocheted goodies! So pretty thanks

  2. these are so beautiful!! really nice creative idea.

  3. I love me some crocheted goodies! I wish I wasn't so busy because I'd crank out a pillow like that asap. Thanks for sharing, I am definitely headed over to check out the rest of her amazing stuff!!

  4. The second one could be used as a Christmas tree if you didn't have space for a tree

  5. i love these pretty stools too! so inspiring xox


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