Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cut Copy Create.

Just recently, I came across Cut Copy Create via Conversation Pieces and I have to say, I am in love! Bookmarking these for some Christmas ideas!

I have been thinking, it's time I start a little project, just to keep myself proactive. So today I bought some material and buttons and I am ready to make some canvas bags! Keeping in the theme of Christmas, wouldn't it be great actually making your own Christmas pressies? So it's time to get started!


  1. cut copy create has the cutest little things!
    i would love to handmake all of my christmas presents, everything would be so personal and so thoughtful!

  2. I just ordered a mini Diana and this is adorable! I'm even more excited to get my camera now.

  3. great works, i love the keyring!!!! so much :)

  4. All those little trinkets are so beautiful! I think I may also make all my Christmas pressies this year. It just makes it so special.

  5. Its great this post! very original and creative.
    I´ll follow your blog on a future ;D
    Kisses from Madrid


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