Monday, September 27, 2010

sewing. books. surprises.

(Lola's Room)

So daylight savings officially hit us yesterday, which means I am still trying to catch up on my hour's sleep which I missed out. And to make it worse, I am such a shocker without my sleep! Hah, should be a very interesting Monday! :)

Finding new things to love every day :) Can you believe there are so many facets to "love"?? Love is a person, and oh isn't He beautiful!

Sooo Much Love Monday loving today:

sewing. books. surprises. blossoms. sunny days (oh please let's have some of those this week!). ice creams. date nights with friends. talks around the fire. saturday night braai's (BBQ's). planning summer trips. disney classics (cannot WAIT for beauty&the beast to be released this month!). playing music. baking. family trips. board games.

Go on, join in :) x


  1. does it work differently in different places? It hasn't hit us here yet!

  2. much love for everything on your list from me too!

  3. gorgeous post! and so glad I'm not the only one who liked Michelle Branch! :D

  4. loooved your post! great love for things on your list. happy monday!!

  5. Lovely photos! I love everything on your list.. I used to have a Michelle Branch cd as well! :)


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