Monday, September 27, 2010

Collections of knick knacks.

(hilda grahnat)

So I could possibly be obsessed with interiors at the moment!

I totally want to steal all my mums containers and tins which she has collected since I can remember (some which are so similar to the ones above). I am starting my collection, but just on a smaller scale - technically I am not allowed to buy any more decor for our little house until we move into a proper one (by the husband's rules haha). So until then, all I can do is dream and admire interiors such as these :)


  1. Loving the clocks, reminds me of my younger days sleeping at my gramma's house listening to her clock ticking away.

  2. have you considered buying them anyway and hiding them under the bed?

  3. love those alarm clocks!
    the colors are so pretty

  4. Super set! I pinned the clocks and the lamps images on my pinterest!


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