Monday, September 20, 2010

Art and frames delight.


I've been adoring lots of homes this last week. As you may know, we Spring cleaned our house (thank goodness!) and I've just been in the process now of redecorating a bit. It's a tad hard though as our home is like a granny flat (bedroom and living room is one) so it's quite small and over decorating it makes it look cluttered.

Thank goodness for such incredible inspiration such as these! I definitely need to find myself some more good frames to paste artworks all over my walls. Has anyone got some nice pics to share of your homes? Would love to see them, so share your links lovelies :)



  1. this apartment looks so fresh! plus love all the windows, heres some pics of my bedroom, which i am quite in love with xx

  2. ahh i love home inspiration. my post for tomorrow is about it too! i love that "keep calm" makes a feature here, sooo good!


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