Monday, July 5, 2010

Sweet Kisses


I had an interesting conversation with one of my good friends about culture this week. I am originally South African, and she is married to a South African and one thing that we pride ourselves in is family. I always thought that we were a culture that didn't really have that many traditions, but we came across one particular one that seems to be quite different to the Kiwi culture I am immersed in here.

The Kiss.

Any occasion that involved family, there would be the kiss. Now this could either be horribly awkward (especially if your uncle has just finished a nicetasty meal that was overly done with garlic) or rather sweet (that first time you get to see Nanna after years of being apart). For many cultures (especially talking about this to some of my friends) the kiss is reserved for that special someone. But I have finally found one tradition that I am super proud of, the kiss. Free for all family. It's one of the bonds that keep us together and keep us family.

So it's time to pucker up and spread the love to family! Aunties, uncles, cousins, grandparents, the lot! As a sign of respect, we would even kiss some of the older generation even if they weren't family (such as Nanna's sister or some of her friends).

It's easy to say then, that this Much Love Monday, I love the Kiss.

What's your culture like when it comes to the Kiss?



  1. i can barely get into "the hug" let alone "the kiss'! hahaha aw i must seem to unaffectionate to you! for me the kiss is reserved for the husband and the occasional hug for one or two close friends and only my immediate family. quite different huh?

  2. im mexican, and we always salute our family with a kiss in the cheek and a hug.

    and of course the most special kiss is for my beloved husband :)

  3. i love you so i will receive a kiss from me friend! ha

  4. this makes me giggle.My grandma has taken to kissing both cheeks. I'm not sure why shes never done it before - muat have decided it was quite french or something ? Its hard not to laugh when she does it as its so out of character.

  5. I have to hug all family members when I see them (but I don't like it, I'm not very demonstrative I suppose). I was born and raised in California, but my background is Asian-Indian, so I guess I have a little of both cultures.

  6. i'm from serbia, and it's tradition that you kiss people 3 times on both like left cheek-right cheek-left cheek (air kissing also permitted) :)

  7. Im from Argentina (Buenos Aires), and here we kiss everyone haaha! unless it´s a formal ocassion, but we kiss in the cheek with a hello, even if we meet for a first time.
    The hug,to the contraire , is more personal, for the love ones.
    I just discovered your blog , is so sweet.
    Kisses, from Carolina


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