Friday, July 16, 2010

Alison Scarpulla

Alison Scarpulla's photography totally captivated me. Not in a sense that a photo of a beautiful hot summer's day would, more like a fairytale that draws you in and leaves you anxious to hear the end resolution. It seems to me that each and every picture is a snapshot of a moment in some epic story that would draw on everyone's imaginations. So I urge you, check out her flickr account and see how many stories you can come up with from her photos and let your imagination go wild, we can never be too old.

Looking forward to a day of opshopping, dvds, good girlie company and no hubbies tomorrow!
Happy weekend!



  1. The last photo is especially ghost like. I wonder how she did that...

  2. I really love all the textures in her photography.


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