Thursday, September 17, 2009

Beautiful little abode.


This morning I woke up to a bit of a messy house. Looking after three boys/men (you can never really tell the difference!) it sure takes it's toll on the house! So I thought, might as well try do something different, new decoration, new arrangement, just something that will make a new vibe to our little abode.

Oh and I realized my beautiful new clock stopped working again! Don't know if it's the battery or if I have to go exchange it again, so I am stuck on what time to make it! 3.30? 4.00? Does time have significance?

Just a random thought for the day :)



  1. i love these pictures! i've been rearranging my house today too. but i keep getting distracted by the internet and tv but still... it's looking a bit diff!

  2. love those rooms, so comfy, white is so versatile

  3. White is my life! You can base your house and wardrobe around white and emphasize colours around the place, which is what I love love love!
    White = <3

  4. omygoodness! this is your house?? it's soooo lovely!!!

  5. You have such a beautiful home! I always wish I could have such a neat and tidy home with simple decor, but I always seem to have so much stuff!

  6. oh dear, didn't want to confuse anyone! I wish this was my house! But no, unfortunately it's sourced from light locations (link underneath photos), beautiful images on there!


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