Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So close to my heart right now. Mozambique.
As I get closer to venturing off into unknown
territory, my heart grows softer, my emotions become
stronger and I just want to pour out my love.

I cannot wait for this missions trip!

Illustrations done by the amazing Juliana Neufeld.


  1. yesss it was so good to meet you! i love that i can put a name and a face to a uh..blog! haha!
    and ah, i love this artwork! it's amazing.
    i'm heading back to tauranga today.. :( but yeah hopefully i'll be back soon. take care x

  2. awhh dankie pop vir jou loverly comment! :) ek love daai fotos!!
    yuusss hoor ek love hierdie artist se werk wat jy hier op het stunning!!
    sorry het nie gisteraand gekom nie, amanda het opgedaag en ek moes fotos van haar neem vir die magazine dujour..
    ek kom vanaand lekker!


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