Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Beach Day Out.

I know I'm doing a bit of overkill on the photos on this posts, but I actually couldn't help myself! I thought it time to share with you some of our favourite beach spots around the Mornington Peninsula. We've tried to make our way around and go to as many beaches as possible, both on the bay side and the ocean side. I truly would not be able to tell you which one either of us favoured most, as each one of them had a bit of paradise.

So let's start at the top! Sorrento has to be one of the sweetest little seaside towns, with an equally awesome back beach! I would suggest starting off at Sorrento Back Beach - it has incredible views and also a lovely cafe/restaurant which is rather handy on those hot days when all you need is a milkshake or an icecream to help cool you down! A couple of kilometers along, down a hidden private road you will get to a beautiful secluded quiet beach called Diamond Bay (all the locals might kill me for sharing this little beauty, but it is a gorgeous little place to relax) and well worth the visit if you're in the area. There is actually a track that runs from Sorrento Back Beach through to Diamond Bay, so handy to park on either side and walk along to the next beach. The beaches on the ocean are more dangerous, so do take care and choose the beaches with patrol, or don't go in deep if you're not a confident swimmer.

Further along is  London Bridge, which got it's name from the rock outcrop that sits to the side of the beach that's had a giant whole cut through the middle from years of waves pounding against it's hard face, and leaves the impression of a bridge. This again is around Port Sea / Sorrento area and has the most incredible rock pools with amazing spots to go snorkeling! We know for next time to definitely invest in some snorkeling gear because it was like most of the people that were on the beach that day came to snorkel in the rock pools. I know from the photo above, it doesn't seem that big, but it's a decent size and gets deeper further in. A great little place to explore and wander through the rock outcrop as well.

The last two places we stopped were both on the bay side of the Peninsula. First up was a spot that I wouldn't have a clue what it's name was (or if it even HAS a name?!). When you drive along the bay side from Mornington through to Mount Martha, there are walkways all along the road that take you down to the water. There really isn't any signposts or typical parking spaces, so you just have to be adventurous and stop at any place where you can see a track leading down! The water was as calm as could be and we ended up spending over three hours in the water. Would most certainly recommend these spots if you are after some peace and quiet as it didn't seem like there were too many people there, and obviously as it's not well posted, not many tourists would know about it either.

Our last stop was the picturesque Mount Martha, which is the photo right at the top of this post. Bright and colourful beach houses spans across the stretch of sand along the beach and you cannot help but feel like you are in some exotic country! We were quite lucky to get to this beach during the week when everyone was back at work / school, as I can only imagine how packed this place can get on the weekends and holidays! It's just one of those places you have to make a stop by, even if it's just to snap a few photos of the all the lovely beach houses.

Wow, okay, so I realise this is a novel compared to the posts I usually write, but these places were just too incredible not too share. If you are ever in the area, I hope these little recommendations helps you out planning your trip through Mornington Peninsula :)


  1. Amazing! You're making me miss the Southern Hemisphere even more right now ;)

  2. Wow, those are some beautiful beaches! I just came back from a weekend of enjoying beaches in the bay of islands in New Zealand...we sure are lucky in Oceania aren't we?!
    xoxo Amie @ Spoonful of Vintage


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