Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Recently I have been inspired by so many things. Living in Melbourne, there's inspiration to be found around every corner, whether it's an incredible architecture piece, street art, live music, people... Really, it doesn't matter WHERE you live, ANYTHING can inspire a creation. A desire has awakened for me to start drawing again. Being completely honest, this is something quite new for me as I haven't drawn anything in years! But it's a passion that I would love to eventually turn into art some day. It's been quite fun trying different subject matter, finding new illustrators and seeing what style sticks that what will become "me". So if you are an illustrator or artist, throw some tips my way to help me get started! How do you find a style that suits you? Any techniques that helped your start? Which illustrators have inspired you in the past? So many questions!

Other than that, this weeknd has been quite an exciting one. We are busy making incredible memories here in this city, loving every moment!

♥ Started drawing again. It's been great to put the computer away for a bit and just enjoy trying new styles of illustrating.
♥ Baking cupcakes. I am on a mission to bake and decorate cupcakes that actually taste AND look super good.
♥  Starting the day with a coffee in bed.
♥ Watching Julia Stone live. Gah, that girl has got some talent I tell ya! And such a sweetheart on stage too.
♥ Enjoying a night out with some lovely friends and heading out to yet another show (two in a row! On a roll!). Let me just say, if you've never seen TigerTown live, you NEED to! It's been a while since I have been so mesmerized by a band and their music.


  1. I've just started drawing again, too, after many years of only designing on my tablet/laptop. It's great to see something shaping up on actual paper again, and if you get any good advice I'm looking forward to reading it!

  2. I think your drawings are *so* charming. And *ARE* art! There's a quote I love...

    "I think everything in life is art.
    what you do. how you dress. the way you love someone, and how you talk. your smile
    and your personality. what you
    believe in, and all your dreams.
    the way you drink your tea.
    how you decorate your home
    or party. your grocery list. the
    food you make. how your
    writing looks. and the way you

    life is art." (source unknown)

    Your drawings are even more "art-y" than all that! But I hope you will re-think your talent and realize it is *already* "ART."


  3. For some reasons I love this post! I need advices on drawing too. And I'm sure gonna check out tigertown :)
    Have a nice day x

  4. Julia Stone is so amazing live. I remember going to my first Angus & Julia stone concert and just being floored by her voice (I'd always preferred Angus's when listening to their songs). Also, loving your drawings. The bunny is too cute!

  5. the drawings are adorable! best xx

  6. Haven't been around your blog for a while and I wanted to say that I love your new layout! Looks really good! That cupcake looks really good by the way. Now I'm hungry haha

  7. Yay for picking up your pencil again!
    Such a good feeling to get away from the computer and draw huh!? My fave :) xo


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