Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Time Is Ticking.

Image One. Image Two. Image Three.

I am suddenly realising how quickly our time is running out here in New Zealand. It's now less than two weeks before the husband and I take our one-way tickets and board our flight to Melbourne! Such an exciting adventure that awaits us with so many opportunities around every corner. Now that the initial scary part of making the decision to actually move has been made, it's left me with only excitement for lies ahead.

We've been busy the last few weeks trying to organise everything for the move (including selling most of our possessions) so that's been quite a pleasant distraction for us as we don't have to face the emotion of leaving our family and friends behind for the time being. And since this is our last working week, we are scheduling in many dinner dates with friends and the last few adventures we want to do before moving - including a tramp through the Karanghake Gorge and spending a few nights at our favourite beach, Raglan.

Pretty soon I will be back in action and ready to share posts on life from Melbourne :)


  1. Woah that picture takes me back in time! I took that on the crappiest little canon camera but it turned out ok huh!

    Less than two weeks Ilana!!! Crazy!

  2. Oh wow! That's a big leap! But hmmm Melbourne, it's a great place!
    How about your store, Rox at the Base?

  3. Exciting times ahead! You're going to love Melbourne and I look forward to reading about your adventures. And just remember, it's only a 3 hour plane ride and you're back over the ditch :)

  4. really love those globes - been looking for a few vintage ones for my aparatment!


  5. those globes are so lovely! You're moving to Melbourne?! That's so cool! All my friends are moving over to the eastern states but I'm not minding good old Perth too much!

    x Aliya

  6. Welcome to MELBOURNE, Our Beloved City, It's totally worth it! :D


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