Sunday, May 20, 2012

Our Wonderful Journey.

Wow what an intensely amazing week this has been! Officially our first week in Melbourne and it has been nothing but spectacular! Still trying to get set up and settled in, which might take a while as we will still need to find a house and stuff to FILL the house with etc etc. but on the plus side Neil's already scored himself a job, which is INCREDIBLE :)

We are completely in love with this city!!! Some areas of it reminds me so much of San Fransisco (not that I have been there yet!) and even the country side a bit of where we were from in South Africa, so combined it's perfect. We've been doing the touristy thing this last week and yes I shall continue to be the tourist until I've seen everything! ...which will be kind of hard to do as there is SO MUCH to go do and see around the place. One of my highlights was visiting The Convent Bakery for lunch yesterday. With the beautiful church buildings and awesome trees, the bakery is situated in the most peaceful of places. And the food is incredible! They actually have classes as well where they teach you how to make different breads (which could be dangerous as I love homemade bread). Definitely a place I will be visiting again soon.

Next week will bring many more sights for us, so will keep you updated on our wonderful journey :)

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  1. Your journey sounds so exciting! I'm about to finish my degree and am making some big decisions about where I want to go and what I want to do. It's all very exciting and incredibly scary at the same time. Good luck with it all, it sounds lovely x


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