Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Meal Of The Week.

There's nothing quite like a good curry, especially a Green Thai Curry! Neil and I are quite the fans. So this week we decided we would try making the ultimate homemade Green Thai Curry. Like any good curry, it definitely isn't the healthiest, considering it is saturated with cream. But on this occasion we opted for a lightly healthier version.

Few tips and tricks to making a healthier curry.

1. Replace Full Cream with a light Coconut Cream or Coconut Milk.
It definitely isn't as thick as what you would expect with Full Cream, but this is the price we pay for going healthy.

2. Use Valcom Green Thai Curry paste.
This is amazing and low in calories. For 50g of the paste, it is only 99 calories and is enough for 4+ servings - that works to about 24 calories per serving!

3. Fill your curry with lots of veges.
The more veges you add, the less rice you need to eat.

4. Use brown Basmati rice.
This can be a little bit hard to find sometimes and slightly more expensive, but so worth it!

I know this post is totally not what I am used to sharing on here, but considering last night's meal was so delicious, I couldn't help but share! Just a little disclaimer, I am totally not a health guru, or know all the ins and outs to making meals healthy, just wanted to share a simple and low calorie meal. Enjoy x


  1. Yay I love that you shared this! I'm totally keen to give it a go. Love your tips too, you're amazing :)

  2. Thai green curry is one of my faves and this version actually looks healthier


  3. yum! that looks so delicious! i'm such a fan of curry :)

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  4. One thing worth considering is that the medium chain fatty acids in full fat coconut products is SO good for you. I love green curry we make it all the time - I've started making my own curry paste, too! x


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