Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Life Decisions.

All photos taken on instagram - follow me @ilana_mcmorran.

What a perfect Easter this was! A long weekend away with our dearest and closest, to enjoy the sun, food and relaxing. Raglan is one of the closest and best beaches around here, so will never pass up an opportunity to go for a visit, especially since we won't be seeing much more of her for a while.

If you follow me on Twitter, you will probably know that Neil and I made a huge life decision recently, to take a risk, be adventurous and pack up our bags and head for the big city life in...Melbourne! That's right friends, in less than five weeks, we will be in the creative capitol of Australia, exploring the countless lanes, be inspired by the art, music and fashion and enjoy doing something we have never done before. My anticipation and excitement is growing by the second, but with that comes a great sadness of leaving all that we love and hold dear to us. I know obviously it's not like we are parting ways never to see our friends and family ever again, but it still feels quite surreal to think of not seeing these incredible people in my life every day.

So if you are from Melbourne, don't be shy, come say hello and give me some insight to this wonderful city! 


  1. Hope you'll love Melbourne! I've never been to Australia but it's always scary to move to a new place. Though you've got each other I can imagine it's a big, scare but great adventure! I believe it's good for people to move around sometimes, just to see other parts of their country, or the world. Living somewhere is a lot different than going somewhere on vacation. Good luck with the preparations!

  2. Oh, wow! How exciting! I'm looking forward to hearing all about the big move.

  3. I LOVE how you've put this post together :) so beautiful. And don't even get me started about Melbourne, I'm such a mess of emotions. So incredibly happy for you, proud, excited etc. At the same time torn, heartbroken.. Waaa!

  4. oh wow, big decision indeed. exciting adventure ahead, all the best of luck with the move!!

  5. great pics, love them!
    you're welcome to visit my blog:


  6. Congratulations on making this big decision! A move like this is always filled with mixed emotions. I've been in Melbourne for two years now, so if you ever have any Melbourne-specific questions, feel free to get in touch x

  7. Go eat at Veggie Bar on Brunswick St!

  8. That is such a big decision! I am Melbourne girl so if have any questions about the city free feel to get in touch

  9. Welcome, to Melbourne!! So excited that your heading my way!!! Been following your blog for agggges! So would be amazing to meet up.
    - where r u planning on working? X

  10. I found your blog via Amanda's blog, and love it.
    Congratulations on the move! So exciting! I hope all your preparations are going smoothly!

    I too live in Melbourne, and you are going to love it, I'm sure. There reallly is so much fuel for creativity.

  11. Oh you will be so in love with Melbourne! Chapel St Bazaar, the many many lovely bars (like Little Creatures Dining Hall on Brunswick St and the Workers Club!) and also amazing jeans and shizz like that! Just another person offering friendly advice :) xx


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