Thursday, March 8, 2012

Loves & Wants.

Penguin Classics l Modcloth
Northern Lights Stripe Dress l Storm
Dakota Wallet l Status Anxiety
Canon 550D l Noel Leeming
Wacom Tablet l Wacom
Design Sponge at Home l Amazon
Udo Booties l Overland

Don't you find that once you start looking at pretty things online, it's just too hard to stop? Hah, I reckon I could easily do at least five more posts similar to this for all goodies I've found online lately. Some of these I wouldn't necessarily put in my "need" compartment of life, but would definitely fit in with my "loves and wants". So we must sift out our priority buys, which I know these beauties wouldn't fit into right now (apart from the Canon and the Wacom of coarse! That's a definite "need"!) but, it's always nice to look :)


  1. Just drooling in front of these Penguin classics this afternoon :) gotta have them all...they have classic design yet look so cool

  2. I could use a nice new camera to drool over as well!

  3. I love how I have half of these things!


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