Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Looking Back.

Twenty Twelve.
Two words that contain so much hope and excitement. There's a new bounce in my step as I look towards this year with optimism and relief. For many Twenty Eleven was a somewhat tough, challenging and a down right crappy year (to put it plainly). I am included. It has been hard in more ways than one, and I am sure everyone has experienced some of these knocks of life. But as the clock struck Twelve on December Thirty First, I decided not to let any emotional baggage drag into the new year. What's done is done, in the past and time to make the best of your situation. Really, there's not anything significantly different about Twenty Twelve, it's just another year. There's still the same seasons, the same days in the week, the same hours per day, but it's that conscious choice we make to say This is going to be a new year, and a good year.

I thank God daily for the amazing family & friends that I am so blessed with! There is so much love in my life for these people!! And despite the days of concern, there HAS been some amazing moments in Twenty Eleven, which I am so grateful to have experienced. I promise, totally not my intention to make this a depressing post about all the sad things from last year, but to remember the good.So here's to all the amazing events from last year!

♥ We welcomed to our little family our darling bunny, Flopsy.
♥ Started working with the most awesome people in the world.
♥ Enjoyed the evening with some awesome friends, at the Diana World Tour.
♥ Saw my brother get married in Fiji and enjoyed a lovely family holiday there.
♥ Went to New Zealand Fashion Week and enjoyed the Ruby & Liam collection.
♥ A weekend at the snow.

♥ Had a season of enjoying a lot of weddings!
♥ Enjoyed my first ever wander around the Auckland Craft Fair.
♥ Had an awesome festive Christmas & enjoyed making my first ever gingerbread house.

So with that said, cheers to the year ahead! And to start of this year, Neil and I get to share four years of marriage tomorrow! :) How time flies! So definitely going to be making the most of every moment this year, whether it be good or bad, happy or sad.

Happy wishes to you all for this new year x


  1. Happy New Year and anniversary, dear!

    I hope the coming year is everything you hope for!
    xoxo, Allie

  2. Love Neils cheeky hand on your bum in that bottom pic :P

    Hope 2012 is an amazing year for you my love, excited to build more memories with you :)

  3. Here's to another year, and moving forward : ) I hope 2012 is amazing for you!

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  4. A fresh start is always good. Wishing you the best in the new year! And happy anniversary (tomorrow!)--our anniversaries are so close! :)

  5. 2012 will be GREAT (I'm sure thinking so is the first step!).

    Congrats on the anniversary!

  6. 2012 will be an awesome year! I can just feel it. Happy new year, Ilana! Hope it was a good one! Will come see you at work soon x


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