Monday, January 9, 2012

Hello Sunshine...?

A little bit ironic for me to be posting such lovely Summery photos (which was taken about a month or two ago) when in fact we are having the saddest Summer weather that I have seen in a very long time :( Days of rain without ceasing, cold weather and not a blue sky to be spotted. And it's supposed to be Summer?! Well here's to me hoping and praying that we may see a bit of sunshine the rest of Summer!

The husband and I have a very exciting trip coming up this week (which will be shared in full detail next week) so I have my fingers crossed that the weather clears up for it. However, come sun or rain, we are going to be having an incredible time!


  1. Oh my, I hate it when the seasons don't do what they are suppossed to ;) anyway, have fun on your trip!

  2. We didn't have any summer this year either, it looked exactly as you're describing. And the winter? Meh. I'm still waiting for the snow.

  3. Hope the weather will be better on your trip! :)

  4. I feel sorry for everyone up north in NZ!! The weather has been gorgeous down in central Otago, Dunedin and invercargill. Today is supposed to be 27 degrees in invers! :) although I'm back at work today which sucks. I hope you have great weather for your trip. I'm sure it will be fun either way :)


  5. I can't believe its rainy over there :( Im sure it will clear up soon, but I bet NZ is even fun and beautiful in the rain :)

    Have a fun little trip, can't wait to see pics!


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