Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Those Christmas Lights.

Okay, seriously, I love Christmas! Everything about it!

Sunday night we had a lovely dinner with the Thomas' and decided to head out to the Temple Lights later on in the evening. I know people get over doing the same thing every year, or seeing the exact same decorations as previous years, but the joy that hits you when those lights turn on is too overwhelming to resist! I got a bit too excited when the lights came on (you can go see the outtakes on my facebook page hah!) that I must have scared some people behind me. Oh well, this only happens once a year, better make the most of the season!


  1. Christmas lights are the best! Me and the boyfriend like to drive around town and see all the houses covered in lights. I think it feels more like the holidays that way. Lovely blog girl. I'm following :)

    xo erica


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