Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Summer of Garden Parties.

If you are living in the Southern Hemisphere, you would be sharing in my excitement for Summer that is fast approaching! Which means time to celebrate, get outside and soak up the sun! Came across this splendid idea for a garden party via Desiree Spinner Events, doesn't it just look so stunning? Absolutely love the bright splashes of colour that is used throughout the decor and refreshments. Hmmm...I think I definitely need to plan for a big backyard in my future home, to make little garden parties like these possible :) Time to start planning!


  1. This looks delightful! Garden parties are so much fun! Unfortunately I'm going to have to wait until July for the warm weather!

  2. It's a bit strange to hear about summer when you live in the north :-) That is a garden party they have put a lot of effort in - grand!

  3. Ahh so cannot wait to have all these garden parties with you :)

  4. This looks so much like a party I attended last summer. It was organized by what seems like the best catering New York company. I love all the lovely visuals!

  5. The garden is very exquisite. It is a perfect setting for parties and gatherings. It is well planned as well.
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  6. That is a great looking garden. I love how the trees and flowers put together. It's very obvious that it is professionally done by an expert.

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