Monday, October 3, 2011

Ten Things.

Sometimes in this online world that we live in, I have to stop and think whether what I am posting and saying is really me, or if it's just the "thing to say or do". So I decided today I will actually share some things which you probably don't know about me. Just so you know, well, yeah, I am real :)

Ten things you probably didn't know about me

♥ I don't like the texture of fruit
♥ I got married at 19 to my high school sweetheart
♥ I have lived in New Zealand the past 10 years, but originally from South Africa
♥ After nearly 4 years of being married, we're still living in a simple, cosy home till we can invest in a house
♥ I love Jesus. He makes me super excited about life!
♥ When I was young, I wanted to be an astronomist
♥ I like having maple syrup & cheese on my french toast
♥ I really want to learn the flute again - used to play when I was young
♥ I have seen the Foo Figthers live twice already, third time will be in December
♥ There's nothing more that I value than the relationship with my family & friends

So there you go, ten things you probably didn't know about me!
Now your turn, I'd love to know some things about YOU!


  1. Cheese on your french toast?! That's different! :P

  2. aww there should be more posts like this :)

  3. so wonderful & genuine :) love it.
    and my sister used to play the flute - such a pretty instrument. you should pick it up again!

  4. mmmm i love cheese on my french toast :) the photo looks amazing!

  5. i love posts like this, so interesting

  6. You would be too adorable for words if you started playing the flute again, please do it!

  7. I used to play the flute as well. Then I used to play the piano for six years. Then I used to play guitar for five years. I miss playing the piano the most. It is a huge part of myself, which I can´t seem to go back to. I don´t even know why I ever stopped. I could go to conservatory. Well, that´s life, I guess.
    Love this post, by the way. Much of luck to you and your sweetheart, keep that feeling between you two and never let it go.

  8. this post is lovely and very very sweet. i guess a lot of people say that, but it's incredible that you married at nineteen (is that common in new zealand?) and i'd be interested in what kind of church you go to, if you don't mind me asking :).
    have a lovely day!

  9. All these things are so smile-inducing! I love that you married your teenage sweetheart and that you love Jesus :)
    Lovely photo, amazing blog, following.
    Thank you for sharing,
    Tori xo


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