Thursday, September 22, 2011


Photography by Ponyrock.

Hello friends, I apologise for my lack of posts lately. I must say I have gone MIA these last two weeks and just really needed a break to get my head straight and get some work done! As you all know, there is a life outside of the blogosphere and sometime it just catches up on you. But hopefully in the next two weeks everything will be back to normal and I shall be way more active in checking out your blogs as well (I have so much catching up to do!).

I have also had the time to think long and hard about I actually want to do with this blog, so you may start to see a few changes here and there :) Hope you have all had a lovely couple of weeks, I've missed you! x


  1. Welcome back! You have been missed :) Looking forward to seeing what changes you have in store :)

  2. these photos are sooo pretty! i love them.

  3. colors are so warm and happy. perfect for autumn readers. :)

  4. glad to have you back! but of course there is a life outside the blogosphere one should never neglect, so it's really good to take some time now and then.


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