Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sewing Skills.

(Eleonore Bridge)

My mum has this beautiful vintage Singer sewing machine which I have been eyeing up for years. It's been in the family a couple of generations and  I cannot wait till we are set up in a nice big home where I can set that little beauty up in.

Which has really got me thinking of learning some sewing skills again. I've had very minimal practice with sewing (eventhough I have a really nice sewing machine) but would love to learn how to do simple things like take in my own dresses, or add a pocket, or change a collar. Does anyone have any experience with sewing? How did you get started? Any good projects for beginners?

Watch this space. I am making it a goal to start some little sewing projects before the end of the year, so any advise would be awesome!


  1. This photos are so lovely, something quite calm about them :)

  2. We should have a sewing crafternoon together sometime! Though my experience is very limited too! Trial and error I say :)

  3. I did an eight week beginners course with a local charity and it gave me the confidence to read a few books and look at a few sites and buy a few patterns and just... try! It really is easier than it seems. Good luck!

  4. charming photos and lovely machine, can't wait to see what make

  5. beautiful machine, is like a piece of art

  6. That machine is really beautiful and it's in such great condition.

    It's funny you should mention this. I have just started Red Velvet's DIY Dress Up E-Course. I am enjoying it so far but I have only completed the first project so I will see how I go by the end.

  7. Hi there!

    Wow i love your photos! <3 I have 3 vintage sewing machines and i love them, they dont work but they are perfect:p

    We just started a blog and we have a day dedicated to photography, it will make us beyond happy if you could stop by and tell us what you think, we love your blog!

    Hope you have a great day full of vintage love and cookies(;

    Carmila Ponycat (

  8. I've been sewing and altering ever since I started buying cloths in the lady's section instead of the kid's section. Most of what I know I learned from trial and error :/ My advice, don't be afraid to dive in and experiment!! Love your blog by the way!!


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