Monday, August 22, 2011

One Fine Day.

Photographer: Sara Orme
Stylist: Courtney Sanders
Models: Rosie, Lili and Kitty at Red 11

I absolutely fell in love with this lookbook from Who Wear Footwear for their Spring/Summer '12 campaign, found via Always, Sometimes, Anytime.

Three friends hanging out on a windy and sandfly-rife day just at a beach north of Auckland was the perfect setting through which to imagine English summer holidays in the sixties; stark, sticky outings where the fun is ultimately provided by relaxed companionship, you know, hanging out, shooting the breeze, doing nothing: One Fine Day.

Shoes...always sometime I am in need of! And don't these gorgeous pictures just make you want to splash out and buy a dozen pairs? Oh just me?


  1. ok. those floral pants are TO DIE FOR.

  2. Great pictures, love them! xo

  3. The one with the long hair is my ex boyfriends current girlfriend.... i'm pretty sure. small small world!


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