Friday, July 15, 2011

Today I Choose Love.

(Cori Kindred)

It feels like all that has been on my mind lately, has been LOVE! So I know this post has a lot of potential to become extremely cheesy, but I just felt the need to share anyway :)

The one thing about LOVE that I absolutely love, is that every knows what it is; no matter what culture, gender, race, background you are from people can see love and all can experience it! It is not confined by anything and it overcomes all! Gosh, I am becoming a bit soppy, but I have a couple very close to my heart and another dear friend moving abroad in the next two months and it totally makes me think of The Captain and Tenille's song Love Will Keep Us Together, as this is the thing that truelly will keep us close. So I suppose now is as good a day as any to let love in and make the most of these precious days and enjoy those loved ones.

So on that note, dear followers, readers and friends , I love you! ♥


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